Sermon Based Groups

web GROWTH GROUP CATB LOGO 300x150Mentoring Disciples Who Embody Christ

If you have ever left a worship service thinking, “I would love to talk with some friends about that sermon we just heard,” a Sermon-Based Life Group just may be the answer. Often, issues raised in a sermon are helpful and begin the conversation about a life topic or question.

At Christ Community Church our desire is to increase the value we place on mentoring disciples who embody Christ. As your pastor, each series and each message I preach is designed to help you become more like Him. However, that will not happen if we do not take the time to think about, discuss, and apply each message as we pray for each other.

Sermon-Based Growth Groups will provide the opportunity for this to occur! But more than that, these groups will enable you to connect with the life of our church as you build friendships that will help you grow in your faith and learn to serve together.

Groups will consist of 8-12 people and each week’s discussion material will be available during our Sunday Celebration. My desire is to launch at least five groups when I begin my next sermon series called The Alluring Apocalypse on June 21.

If you are interested in joining a Sermon-Based Life Group check the box on your response card this Sunday or email the church at

If you think you would enjoy facilitating conversations that help group members grow closer to God and to each other, consider becoming a Growth Group Facilitator. Growth Group Facilitator training will be held on the following Sundays: June 7, 14, & 21 following the 9am service.