Our Ministry Strategy

Jam CarnivalLove …Live …Lead


Our strategy for discipleship is simple: We want to help people learn to love God, live his mission, and lead others to do the same.


We aspire to love God & others with our whole heart. When people love God they can’t wait to worship and obey him.  When people love others they are compelled to embrace people in their falleness and invite them to follow God.  To help each other grow in these areas we regularly offer  growth groups on the basics: Who Is God, We Are Church and, The Life You Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Life’s Journey.


We desire to live Christ’s mission in our daily lives as individuals and as a congregation.  When people strive to live on mission they find creative ways to serve their community and share Jesus.  To encourage our continual growth in this area we regularly offer the following growth groups: Finding My Shape for Mission; Discovering My Life Mission, Outflow: Outward-focused Living in a self-focused world, and Irresistible Evangelism: Natural ways to open others to the message of Jesus.


Our greatest ambition is empower and equip leaders who take great joy in helping people Love God and Live His Mission. Our leaders have to have a good grasp of the message of Scripture and an organized understanding of God’s truth.  We regularly offer growth groups to develop these kind of leaders. Topics  include: Basic Doctrines;  Gods Big Picture in Scripture, Lead Like Jesus, and Making Peace.